Let's extract value from your data

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Preserve and protect your data

Papelica data, image & text mining suite can "read" your documents, printed or handwritten, "see" your images, fix corrupt files, and analyze in a safe, secure, fast, and affordable way


Papelica works with AI

  • Data analysis
  • Form recognition
  • Image classification
  • Image and text analysis
  • Image and movie colorization
  • Search images and text
  • Analyze and identify trends and anomalies
  • Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence within your reach.

Papelica incorporates the latest developments in computer vision and machine learning. Now you can...

Save time and avoid errors

search physical records

In just seconds, our optical and handwritten character recognition system (HCR & OCR) converts the information into a digital file and can analyze it.

Use it anywhere, anytime

use it anywhere, anytime

Papelica works with or without Internet connectivity, depending on the amount of information that needs to be processed.

Recover information

recover information

Our algorithms can be trained to reconstruct missing information or correct corrupted images all while keeping your data safe and secure.

When life gives you lemons, show them to Papelica

Our suite of API services can be integrated with your existing system or work as a standalone to digitize, organize, analyze, extract, and protect your data. All to give you new insight and information!


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